Built in 1903
The Keystone Arch Bridge was built in 1903, completely restored in 1998. and dedicated in 1999. The fieldstone and earthen dam was originally constructed in the 1870's. The present weir dam was part of the 1998/1999 restoration project.

The bridge is located approximately 200 feet north of the mill. The Stone Arch Bridge spans 30 feet and is 18 feet wide with an upstream height of 12 feet increasing to 16 feet downstream. The keystone on the east (upstream) side has the inscriptions of "J M D" and "1903."

The Steel Beam Highway Bridge is located between the mill dam (just upstream) and the Stone Arch Bridge (just downstream) which it was erected in 1915 to replace. It was remodeled in 1940. It now carries County State Highway 21 across the river. It is 29 feet long with a maximum span length of 26 feet and a deck width of 24 feet. It is of simple steel beam construction with asphalt roadway and simple pipe railing.

The Mill Dam is a simple gravity dam reportedly erected in 1882, replacing an 1870 dam erected for the first mill on the site. It is located immediately upstream from the steel beam bridge. It has a maximum structural height of 22 feet and a crest width of 27 feet. It is constructed primarily of local fieldstone.

photos by Jana Thornton


Walk from the Mill,
and across the bridge . . .

to the deck.

View from the deck
a misty morning


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