Century Old Log Cabin
The log house, re-assembled in 1980-83 at the Terrace Mill near the dam and Keystone arch bridge is one of the first homes in Terrace. It was originally located west of the river in the glade directly behind the mill.  Earl and Lorraine Knutson donated the house to the Foundation realizing it had local historical significance. Although the original ownership has not been verified in research to date, it was occupied around the turn of the century by Lisa Lovig. The primary use of the log structure was as a granary from about 1912-13 on. This was a very common practical use for those strong structures as families moved into larger wooden frame homes. The timbers are of nativeoak. Several lower ones on the riverside (now north side) were replaced at some time. Nails were not used in the original structure and several logs are pegged together. The corner notch is very typical Scandinavian. At different times, the cabin served as a local tavern and later as a home for nine.

photos by Jana Thornton

Walk from the Mill,
and across the bridge . . .

to the Century Old Log Cabin.

Gone Chinkin'
Summer 2005, Donna and Richard



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